Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sat, Sept. 27th 2008 9:30pm

Ok... I dunno why I started doing this project but I think it might end up being friggen awesome in the end. I found this digital drawing on Deviant Art, and I fell in love with the picture... even threw it on as my computer desktop background. a few weeks ago, hmm today is Sept 27 '08, I started to throw this beastly artwork onto the wall.

I for one can not take full credit for the image for I did most of it be basically tracing it with the help of a projector. Also, Kat, Serg, and Kyle J. helped on it as well. But I do need to do all the final touches and the art work to all the little details which we could not use the projector for because the image became too distorted from upclose.

So, now I've been working on it for the past 3 days painting the outline with a paint marker. =] It's also becoming a pain in the ass... but it's looking sweet. and as soon as all the outlining is done.... it's gonna be one hell of an erasing job getting all that penciling off the wall >.< Visit My Art Page to see my progress... Art Page

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