Sunday, December 7, 2008

WebSite Design and my other Hobbys...

Why the hell do I have so many web sites??? Well.. It's my passion.. my most favorite hobby... Though I love to draw.. that always take time to think of what I'm going to draw.. and I like it nice an quite when I do draw.

when I'm Web Designing I basically put out my art... so I suppose it's pretty much the same as drawing but it has a lot more coding? lol. but don't get me wrong I love to draw... I just don't have time to do it.

I've actually been thinking of a good storyboard/storyline for my Maddy Comics Series. I just have to get it all down. I think a lot of that comic series is going to reflect on how my life has been... different jobs I've had... different events. Some might even have reflections of friends of mine and co-workers or other people I've interacted with....

I dunno... I guess I'll try to get something out of my drawing skills soon.

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