Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Damn the DMV!

OK... so I haven't posted in over a week... well.. I've been busy... Been working everyday... if I'm not working I'm going down to Grand Forks for Doctor appointments for Kat and shopping or have to do this or that... true I could post from my phone.. but hey... that's how friggen busy I am...

Well.. what makes today post so fucken great is that I tryed to go down to the DMV over here today and they said now I can't have a ND licesnes due to the fucken fact that my dad had originally signed his ame on my passport and then scratched it off.... Now why and how the fuck didn't anyone else catch on to that before when I've gone in and out of the contry... and flow I don't know how many times.. using my passport... not even my RI licesne for flying domestic. it just pisses me off... and the best part was that I hadn't even taken my Blood Pressure pill before i went there.. so I could feel it rising like a bat out of hell... oh an update on that... I got another priscription for my bp pills to help me out.. this one's 100mg instead of the 5mg that I was originally taking... I don't know if it's because they are different types of pills... which probably is the resonse.. but damn a 95mg increase >.<

Idk.. so now I can't drive clients around which would actually get me to make more money cuz they pay for you to have food even if you didn't >.< bah,,,

Well.. today I've got the day off... and hopefully I don't have to do anything else... cept go to the dentist with Kat... hopefully everything goes good there...

I'm planning on playing more of Crash Mind over Mutant... i like the graphics of this game.. and it's a good platformer... few parts are tricky and a tad of a learning curve.. but it's a lot better than TOP SPIN 3... BLAH!!!

I'm also helping out Paul in another venture that he's starting up... Hive Depot... it's for all those hobbyists and professional honey bee farmers out there... Gonna be the contact here in ND. hopefully make some big bucks out of that.... Well... HAPPY NEW YEAR... and I hope you have a great and dandier one then years before...

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