Saturday, January 31, 2009

Yay for warmer weather!!

Today seemed like it was suppose to be warm day but we were suppose to
get a bad snow storm... well so far we have the nice weather... even
though its around 30 degrees we are still able to go outside with only a
tshirt on...well atleast I did =) the only thing is that the wind is
really bad. But that's still great.

My plan this morning was to go get my car started and kats car cleaned
up and get the baby seat holder installed.

so far... so good! went to go start my car and it worked with no
problem... after all the below minus temps that we've been having... it
sat out the since before Christmas... and we haven't moved it since. So
I was glad about that.

went to go get a shovel and a vacuum from her parents' house. filled my
tank up... $26.25 not bad at all. then I cleaned my cars parking area
... some spots had ice so I said fuck it =P.

Now Kat's getting her hair cut... then we're going to go get the baby
seat installed in her car. We might actually be going down to Grand
Forks today to watch a movie and other stuff.

Well... be back soon!

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