Monday, March 16, 2009

Ahh... finally a weekend Actually off

Finally, a weekend that I'm off work and I actualy don't have any plans. Well, we did have plans but they were cancled the last moment. So, Saturday I played World of Warcraft pretty much all day. Watched a ton of tv shows, movies, stuff off my netflix (Sliderssss) =D. Yesterday I decided that I should put time in good use and do some book work for work. I've got til June 1st to get a binderfull of worksheets to get through.

Gonna go down to Forks today for Marissa's first doctor app. with her pediatriction. She be fun... sept I gotta drive about an hour each way to get there and back. That means gotta spend money on fuel =[

Well... after that is all said and done... I got work this afternoon, *Sigh*

And for those of you that are keeping track on my health and weight, I know I haven't said anything about this in a while... I've gotten myself to lose about a pouind each week :D So i'm on the right track to getting fit, I hope. Blood pressure was a lil high, so I think I'm going to keep track of that a lil bit more now.

But, until next time, TaTaForNow (TTFN) :D

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