Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I hate being sick!

Well... right about now I'd be finishing up getting ready and headding off to work... but no.. I'm sick.. been sick since Sunday where I officially became sick at work and spent most of yesterday in bed sleeping. Marissa still has a little cold but hopefully we all get better... Kat seems all better... but she had a terrible night last night when Missa kept getting up... though it might be bause she slept in her playpen so that she would not need the bassenett, as for it needs to go to Rugby soon for Missa's new cousin arriving in a few months.

I've been reading Lord of the Clans, which is basically the history on Thrall. This book like the one that I have previously read is great.

I think I'm going to be ending my gamefly account or see if I could temperarily put a hold on it.. I don't have time to play 360 games right now. Plus with having NetFlix it's basically all my 360 has been doing. Me and Kat have been watching Sliders :D gotta love that show.

Well.. off for now. *Cough* *cough*

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