Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What a Long Weekend

So... My parents came to visit... I went to pick them up Thursday
morning in Fargo... it was a crappy morning out. I had a hell of a 2
hour drive from home getting there... when I got to Fargo I couldn't
even see the road of my exit. So I had to use the next one... didn't
help that I was behind a big rig. But I finally made after trying not to
get lost being the first time I went down to fargo on my own...

Only had to wait about 20 minutes at the airport for my parents. Then it
was to Walmart over in Grand Forks for some shopping... was suppose to
be only a couple of things... but ended up being 150 dollars worth of
stuff... sneesh we're suppose to save at walmart.. and we always leave
with at least $60 or more of things we buy.

So.. my parents had a great time meeting their granddaughter and seemed
like they had a great time. Made us a ton of food. And bought us a ton
of stuff including a new couch, recliner and coffee table.

It was great seeing them again...so sad Cookie had to stay home. =( *sad
face* im hoping to see the little guy soon... just don't know exactly
when. They brought me some good ol' Coffee milk Syrup (which you can't
find anywhere but New England), some chourico links and some of my old
time cereal since I guess when I was a baby Nestle's "Nestum"... mmmm.

They went back yesterday where they had a delay over in MN. but I called
them last night and they were on their way home =). This time it was me
and Kat that went down to Fargo. this time the weather was good. on the
way back home we made a few stops. One of which was going to our
favorite place to shop... Walmart... and guess what we noticed they had
now.... A RedBox!!! finally one closer to home, the other were in
Fargo... but it sucks having to make the trip down there for a movie =/

When we finally got home... we took a nice long nap since Marissa was at
Grandma's that morning. after going to pick up Marissa I put her baby
crib together and rearranged her room once again... which I had done the
day before.

Later that night we watched Step Brothers which came on Netflix... and
Kat made some Malatof. she said she forgot to add a couple of things..
but hey its a lot better than I think I would have made.

But well... Today back at work at 6am... and its the start of a very
busy month =( with inservices and stuff its going to be hectic for me.
plus I need to work on the books for work too.

I'm going to be posting new photos up on www.saraivaonline.com from this
weekend. And so, until next time. toodle-loo!

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