Monday, June 15, 2009

New HTS Comics Comic - 6/15/09 - SuperDad - Diaper Trouble

Ok, So this comic, well, I've been waiting to make it right for a few weeks. So I finally decided to go ahead with it. This would portray me and my daughter Marissa. And it will mainly tell a bunch of happens that I go through with her. In this comic, those of you with kids might know the feeling, when you just finish changing a diaper, then your lil one decides to just make another mess in his or her diaper. Yeah, that's what happend to me here.
If anyone would like to submit your stories about something funny that might have happend while your child or children grew up, please send me them! I'll get them into comic form!  Enjoy!!!

Hugo T. Saraiva - - -


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