Saturday, June 13, 2009

WebSite Updates -

I've added a few animations to the cartoons page and also all the new
character icons to the about page. Now, the about page will not stay
like that, Im only using the icons as a filler until I figure out what I
want to go and where.

The different series pages are still down also because I can't decide
how to design the new look. Though for the Maddy & Friends page I will
be adding all the original comics that I had draw. Now these I
originally drew back in 1995/96 and then turned them into mini comic
books. You can see a few updates comic strips in the comics archieve
page, which I re did into a webcomic form in '06.

I'd also like to mention that HTS Comics comics, that sounds weird to
say it like that, are now being featured on a movie review website Film
Feline Check it out, I'll be doing more web comics
for that site a lot more

Don't forget to stay up-to-date to all the fun and goodness that I do
through my twitter @ if you friend me on
facebook you can read all my posts there. I might add a little gadget to
the comics' site but I'm gonna have to this of that one.

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