Thursday, July 2, 2009

WebSite & Comics Update

Well... as you can see I haven't posted a new comic today. I've been working on other projects... and also on full comics so that I can publish them. So the daily comics have been put on a little hold for a lil bit. I have few new comic book projects to work out right now. A couple super hero super villain comics... a Maddy & friends comic... and also mine and also Katrina's  Children's Books Projects. So, as an announcement for the rest of the week... the daily's will not be posted until next week.
Also, I have posted on my facebook page yesterday a contest. It's simple, if you would be a Super Villain... what would your name be, what would be your abilities... and if you have any little extras please be sure to add them. Also, be as descriptive as possible, I've gotten a few already so far... and they're great. Sorry for those that would like to have a Hero into the mix, but the super hero story lines are already full... unless we make more Superhero comics.
Enjoy your weekend! and Happy 4th!

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