Thursday, August 12, 2010

Marissa turns 18 Months. :)

     Marissa is now 18 Months old, and she is full of energy. She's always acting like a little monkey.. even does the OO OO's and AA AA's. Always climbing things, like her changing table, the living room couch, her high-chair and even ontop of the kitchen table, she doesn't stay there too long, it's just not a seat.

     Her thing for going after Kiki's food bowl has lessend, which is great because I doubt that Kiki liked it when Marissa ate her food. Though Marissa still, every now-and-then, still takes Kiki's dry food and throws them into Kiki's water bowl, we still have to work on that one.

     Today also marks the day that Marissa got her hair cut, well just her bangs trimmed. I'm not sure she knew exacty what I was doing to her, but I gave her a mirror and told her "purtties!" 
Here's Marissa Eatting Her Tapioca After Getting Her Hair Trimmed.
     To date, she loves watching her favorite TV shows, which are in no particular order: Yo Gabba Gabba, Barnie & Friends, Backyardagans, Dora, Diego, Ni Hao Kai-Lan, The Wonder Pets, and Moosé Moose & Zeek. She also loves the "Ice Age" Films, just goes crazy when "Scrat" is on the screen chasing his acorn.

     Oh, and that's not all, there's a ton of unique personality in that little girl, and certainly too much to just chart down here.

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