Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Marissa, streching her legs....

On our way home from our little vacation in Minnesota, we all got out
and Marissa got some time to run around... something that me and Kat
realized that she would be doing a lot more, and a lot less of being
carried by us.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010

I've finished eating the dinosaur...

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Another compilation of essays by Chuck Klosterman. Lots of comparisons, like Kurt Coban and that crazy leader of the cult that killed everyone with koolaid, How professional athletes are treated. The difference between watching the Real World and looking through a neighbors window and watching them in their day to day life at home. Also, Football, ABBA and their ABBA Music, Pepsi and their crazy marketing ideas,Ralph Nader and people getting eaten by Alaskan grizzly bears, oh my! Oh, and he also compared himself with the unabomber!

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Marissa turns 18 Months. :)

     Marissa is now 18 Months old, and she is full of energy. She's always acting like a little monkey.. even does the OO OO's and AA AA's. Always climbing things, like her changing table, the living room couch, her high-chair and even ontop of the kitchen table, she doesn't stay there too long, it's just not a seat.

     Her thing for going after Kiki's food bowl has lessend, which is great because I doubt that Kiki liked it when Marissa ate her food. Though Marissa still, every now-and-then, still takes Kiki's dry food and throws them into Kiki's water bowl, we still have to work on that one.

     Today also marks the day that Marissa got her hair cut, well just her bangs trimmed. I'm not sure she knew exacty what I was doing to her, but I gave her a mirror and told her "purtties!" 
Here's Marissa Eatting Her Tapioca After Getting Her Hair Trimmed.
     To date, she loves watching her favorite TV shows, which are in no particular order: Yo Gabba Gabba, Barnie & Friends, Backyardagans, Dora, Diego, Ni Hao Kai-Lan, The Wonder Pets, and Moosé Moose & Zeek. She also loves the "Ice Age" Films, just goes crazy when "Scrat" is on the screen chasing his acorn.

     Oh, and that's not all, there's a ton of unique personality in that little girl, and certainly too much to just chart down here.

What's I've been up to....

     First of all for about the past month I've been doing some work for KravenSoft, an online business of a friend's brother. Been doing some editing on his website Where you can watch many of the top requested television shows of past and current time. Also, a lil bit of work on his other venture,

     I've gone back to my awtwork as well. Doing a few commisioned jobs, one being a logo for a band over in Pawtucket, RI named Munkey Bred. Used one of my characters from HTS Comics, Mike the Monkey. He's spinning some Monkey Bread on one finger (kinda like how basketball players spin a b-ball on their finger) and with the other hand he sporting some Metal Horns! Another job is a comic for a teen based magazine call Green Candy Paws Magazine. I've done a lil work for them in the past, also created their logo. To get there go to

     Also, I've been getting my gaming on. It's it has been kinda on overtime. Games go as in the order that I've been playing most: World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King (Obviously 1st in my most played), Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty, FrontierVille (Over at Facebook), and I've played a lil bit of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Xbox360). On WoW I finally got a character to level 80, newly created toon named DatPriest. He's a Level 80 Priest on the US Mannoroth Server who is Dual Talent Specialization in Discipline & Shadow. Currently I'm gearing him up with to Teir 9 gear and some PVPing gear. Starcraft II, well, I was doing great the first few times I played against an old friend of mine, from the days of ARC (, actually another friend from the same game is helping me on WoW (Blindmice), and that's actually where I met my wonderful girlfriend Katrina :) So, back to SC2, I did fine the first couple of 1 vs 1 against him ( PCVII ), then I dunno what happen to me I just couldn't defeat him. Maybe because he's been playing online versus people a little bit more  than me. Also, the campaing game is awesome. I just wished that I didn't have to run everything on low, and not have to shut all my other programs off to run it, *sadface*.

     Now, about Frontierville. I like the game, I do really, but it's just got too many effin' pop-ups... I run out of energy and then it's like "ASK YOUR FRIENDS FOR A PICNIC BASKET!!!!! RAAAWWWR" I hit no. Then right after that... "YOU NEED TO BUY MORE ENERGY!!!!! DOUBLE RAAAAWWWRRR!!!!" -.- really? Don't get annoying. Thats why we had pop-up blockers everywhere, even in the real life (someone holds a sign saying "I'm a pop-up ad blocker... don't look at this ad" or something like that.) The way I see to block your ingame ads... well it's going to be quiet simple actually. I give zynga the bird, and say screw you and your ingame pop-ups! and then I'd be done with it. Currently, I've already stopped playing all of the other zynga games (farmville, mafiawars, cafe world, etc) too many damn addicting games!

     And finally, to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, actually published by the same company as World of Warcraft and Starcraft 2, Activision|Blizzard. Though, this game I have to give great thanks to Tyler for letting me borrow. The improvments to this game from what the same studio made before (Modern Warefare 1) is insaine, mainly the bloodshed on the screen, it's insaine!!! I love the COD games. Just one thing I have not done on this game was take it online or played it co-op. Other than that it's great a 5 out of 5.

     Well, that's pretty much it for now. I also am planning on continuing work on my Clowns Project which I started last year. And we can't forget about my Strecho & Elastico Comics with their pirate adventures, that I was also working on last year.

     And who knows... I might start doing a few more thing, one of which I would love to redesign this site ( its design is about 3 years old and it's time for a 3.0 version of it. Til next time!

Monday, August 9, 2010

I Write Like....

I write like
I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

     That is nuts! It actually said I wrote like Cory Doctorow in my blog posts.. but when I posted a book I am writing (yeah I'm writing a book... and don't ask cuz I won't tell) it said I write like Stephen King. Good thing I didn't end up writing like Chuck Noris! Tha would be a giant fail!!!!
      I tryed another story I was writing at it said the following:
I write like
Margaret Atwood
I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!
     I did write both stories differently... because they are both still in their early stages. *shrugs* What ya gonna do?
     Check it out, and see who you write like @ 
Let me know who too!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Silly KiKi

why does she love sleeping like this? crazy cat! lol

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Marissa... Behind the Wheel!

She's starting early! And she can't even reach the pedals!
Good thing it's only a game. Game-On Marissa!!! :)

Meet... DatPriest!

Level 80 Priest on the US Mannaroth Server
Dual Talent Specialization in Discipline & Shadow

WoW... Finally!

      So... Today is the day... another great day in gaming history.. well at least for me :) since April 20th I've been working on new character in World of Warcraft, and today I will become Level 80. It's taken me about 3 1/2 monthes to get here.

      Here's a photo of my character with the in-game leaders of the game. Thrall - Warcheif of the Horde, Sylvanas - Leader of the Foresaken, and Jaina Proudmoore - Ruler of Theramore.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Onion Goggles!!!

There ya go... got trouble crying too much when cutting onions??? Get
some Onion Googles! ROFL! and its not a joke either!!! Only $9.98 plus
Shipping Handling and Proccessing... and whatever else they feel like
adding on lol.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

who u r txting???

     About a half hour or so ago, I recieved this text message say, Hey... so I replied and said Sup? though I didn't know who I was replying back to. Then I asked who it was... because basically all the people that I know I usually have their number in my phone unless they had previously changed their number. And so the person said "Your favorite girl :)" so... I'l like hold up.. wtf is this... my favorite girl lives with me.. actually the two of them do... So I said ... "that doesn't help me much" then I was called a "playerrr". So, instinctaly I google the phone number... and confer that it was from Cumberland, RI. so, I'm like.. ok. So, I thought of ppl that would out of the blue txt me.. for no exact reason at all. I thought it was one person, because she's weird and random and stuff... but no it wasn't. Then, she told me her name and I was like HEY how've you been, or something like that. AT the point-in-time I thought that it was my old neighor that used to live next door to where I used to and where my parents still live. Then I'm like, "So how's the weather" "really goood & the weather is gorgeous. Aren't you in ri?" now I started to wonder, I thought that she knew that I wasn't in RI anymore.. but w/e. "Then I'm like "no... I'm living in North Dakota, like I have for the past 2 years." She then went on saying that I had said that the two of us were going to hang out tonight... and that I left out the part that I was in a different state. hmmmm.. lol ok. Then it got weirder... she had said that she had spoken to me about 4 hours earlier on facebook... which I don't even think I was on.. because I was either cleaning the house or trying to get to level 80 on World of Warcraft. and I don't have any memory of speaking to anyone in Rhode Island besides my mother around that time. She also said that she spoke with me last week too. Then I said.. "well.. I'll talk to you soon... I gotta get going got work in a bit" "Wait wait wait. Your in the army & you have ajob?" she asked... then I was like.. okay... I do not know this person.. but let me completely confirm it... so I asked her name was again.. and then she asked mine... suposidly her friend had tried to put his number into her cell phone.. and typed it in wrong, I mean... who does that? how could you type YOUR CELL NUMBER into someone elses phone wrong? idiots. Then that was that.

It made me laugh... hope you liked this story... now.. it's work time!!!!