Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New SuperDad Comic: "Baby Upgrades" - 8/19/09 -

New SuperDad Comic is now up!
About comic:
There comes a time in a baby's life where he or she learns to pull him/herself up and amazed their parents...
This is what happened to my family and in result what happened to SuperDad as he awoke one morning to
find his baby daughter standing there in her crib, just giggling and smiling at him.
More SuperDad comics on Wednesdays! Hope you enjoyed this one!
In other news, if you haven't been following me on twitter or even facebook, I am in the proccess of upgrading the HTS Comics website to use wordpress with comicpress. I'm hoping that will make things look a lil better. I'll tweet how things are going. or (Send me a message on facebook so I can accept you as friend).


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