Friday, October 31, 2008

Hung Kitty!

Ok... I did not do this to the cat... and no it's not KiKi... it's an old pic which Jarred took after he stupidly duct taped this poor cat to the ceiling after it had pissed on his coat. =\

Halo-Ween @ GameZoneRI

Kiki being KiKi

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fw: Powerball Drawing Info

Powerball numbers for 10/29/2008 are:

20 30 37 50 52 Powerball 33
Powerplay 2

The estimated Grand Prize was $58,600,000 ($30,207,012.05 cash).
There was one Grand Prize winning ticket in the state of Pennsylvania!

The next Powerball drawing will be on Saturday, November 1st, 2008 with
an estimated Grand Prize of $15,000,000 ($7,700,000 cash).

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

meow? =(


its 6:30am in Grafton, ND.... picking up Gata from work.... its a lil
chilly... brrrr lol 32° outside

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

game screens

the baseball shots are from when I pounded the computer in wii sports
baseball.... the other two were from me playing Call of Duty: World At
War (5) and dominating all the other players... =) good day in gaming
for me I suppose.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Powerball Drawing for Oct 26th 2008

Powerball numbers for 10/25/2008 are:

01 03 14 38 48 Powerball 2
Powerplay 2

The estimated Grand Prize was $49,700,000 ($25,600,000 cash).
There was no Grand Prize Winner.

The next Powerball drawing will be on Wednesday, October 29th, 2008 with
an estimated Grand Prize of $59,000,000 ($30,400,000 cash).

Saturday, October 25, 2008

lol... Kat's Brother Jarred... Teddy love..

Thursday, October 23, 2008

powerball drawing for oct 22 2008

10 17 33 51 52 Powerball 5
Powerplay 3

The estimated Grand Prize was $42,200,000 ($20,600,000 cash).
There was no Grand Prize Winner.

The next Powerball drawing will be on Saturday, October 25th, 2008 with
an estimated Grand Prize of $52,000,000 ($25,500,000 cash).

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Call of Duty: World at War

I've played the beta for about a half hour... great game. I've played the War mode... which is basically territories from halo. The thing I've liked best so far from this game is that one... when you blow someone up, shoot them or whatnot... their arms legs and other lims just seperate from the rest of their bodies! I was was like OMGZ MY ARM FLEW OFF!!... lol kat was on the phone too so the person on the other side must have been like WTF!?!? lol

Gonna go play it some more.. =] find a code and download it from Xbox Live marketplace for free :D

Monday, October 20, 2008

Kiki in a blanket =)

=) a couple of days here in Grafton... and we're already locked out of
the house... doh!!!! lol here's what happened... we didn't get our full
set of keys to the house yet but we had the deadbolt key. so we were
like eh... lets go get some breakfast pizza and cat food for kik's...

we get back... kat unlocked the deadbolt.. but guess what.. the door
knob locks automatically or some weird thing like that.... so... now me
kat and kiki are locked out. we just drove to her grandparents house to
get the full set for us... hmmm hopefully she can find them...

Well... so far so good for miss kiki... though here's one problem from
yesterday and throughout the night... she basically slept throughout the
day yesterday... only to get up to eat pee and poop. so, while me and
kat have been trying to snooze... lil miss kiki has been up and about in
the room.

before we went to sleep we watched a movie... and somehow towards the
end of it.. she went for a stroll throughout the house... we thought she
went in kat's mom's room... she wasn't there.. but might have been there
at some point cuz the door was opened just enough for her to fit through
it. but she wasn't there... we ended up finding her downstairs in the
basement near the computers. so we brought her back into the room.

then I grabbed a dvd about cookie and played it on the tv. she watched
for a good 10 to 15 minutes. then she tryed to get out of the room
again.. I was like... fuck it... go. so I let her go downstairs and look
around. when she finished up... I grabbed her and brought her back to
the room. she didn't even let out one peep.

till next time...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

powerball numbers for Oct 18, 2008

10 14 32 40 49 powerball 15 powerplay 4 now up to 42 million

The Fight For KiKi

So... yesterday we get back to Grafton... with 122.5 miles from Fargo.
Unloaded most of the stuff in my car. and the 2 suit cases that were in
Kats car. Kat's grandparents showed up. We ate some Lasagnia mmmm.

then it was time for Kiki to meet... Babes. Babes was Kat's first cat.
we had actually gone in to see her earlier and she wasn't the same cat
that I remembered... she was a lot calmer... I even got to hold her...
which was a first. We later brought Kiki to the garage that babes had
been in and Kiki just hissed first at babes... then babes went at it...

Kat says it might be because kiki remembers babes trying to ripp her
head off? and now they just don't get along. I donno. All I do know is
that I don't want her to go back to the farm... for one she would get
pregnant. and two.. well she's turned into a indoor cat.

She slept in the room with us last night.. being really good. Didn't
break anything nor nothing. But lets see what happens...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

kiki lost her mouse

kiki found herself with a psp =)

I get a break from driving =) nap time ^.^

we've entered North Dakota

my navigator


taking a lil break in Dalton, MN... Milo needs a power nap =) I posted
a few photos from St Paul and Minnieappolis didn't specify which was
which =P hope the photos say something on them.

we've got about 3 and a half hours to go til we finish our road trip.
that's 189 more miles for those of you keeping track.

Hopefully I remember and take a photo of my cars mileage... gonna hit
all 6's... 66,666 =) Damn check engine light is still on.. boo... I
gotta fix that. Need to buy a new antenna for my car... the original is
all busted =( I'll probably take a pic later.

Well... that's all for now... leave a comment if you want to... right
click and open in a new tab or window... I haven't fixxeded that on my
site =P Cya.

1370.6 total miles so far
as we've been driving today... one thing that I saw a lot of... dead
deers on the side of the roads... sometime even still on the road..
vultures picking at them... saw a lot while passing through PA. saw one
so far in winsconsin...

one thing I like about doing this road trip is that most people (outside
of new england and near by states)... they follow the autobahn laws of
the road... stay on the right lane if your just going normally... and
when and if you need to pass someone.. you get into the left lane and do
so... then get right back into the right lane once again...

oh and we just enter minnesota... I can't spell right now... driving
since friday morning 3:30am....

7hrs and 400 miles to go...
pitstop to refuel..... had 385.6 miles from the last stop.... put in 9.5
gallons at $3.379 per gal total $32.01....

Kiki is now in timeout... one for taking a nasty shit =( and two for
being restless.

hopefully... this will be the final stretch til grafton... or at least
ND... Minnisota... next state.

560 miles to go!!!
just entered wisconsin a lil bit ago =P

Friday, October 17, 2008

Sears Towers Chicago
in chicago.... resting up for a few at the trucker stop... then heading
on our way

filled the tank to the top... after driving 469 miles last full tank
^.^.... $34.15 to fill at $3.599
south bend, indiana toll..... $4.25
toll at the end of ohio.... $9.25 blaaaah >.<

192 to go in ohio.... sheeesh... here are some pics.
current location..... Genoa, OH for a quick pit stop

some bridge in ohio
hehehe... ohio peoples accents are funny yall
Hugo T. Saraiva
mmmm food time in Ohio... the waffle house.

my girls =)
10:50am pitstop for fuel in snow shoe, Pa $40.47
still in PA.. frigge state has 299 exits from the interstate... took
some pics on the way... hopefully they got posted right? got 364 miles
on the same tank of fuel... a first for this car... yay lol... well I'll
write in soon...

pennsylvania 8:10 toll .75 cents =(

Cumberland to Grafton

left cumberland... at around 3:30am.... go to new jersey at 6:50am made
a second piss stop at 8am somewhere in Jersey. so far 256.3 miles 1440
miles till we get to grand forks....

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sergio's Wedding Day!!

Well... todays the day. Sergio will never be the same again... hope he's
happy though =) Last night we went to wrights farm for endless chicken
and shells mmmmm... I was the typical one family met the other family
french portuguese and english. Fun times.

Me and Kat came right up to New Hampshire to stay the night so we
wouldn't have to drive up here in the am. And now its check out time...
well not quite but gonna go meet up with serg and head over to da
wedding area. =)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Oct 9th 10:30pm - as I think to myself... anyone listening?

=/ Im upset.... not sure why... I guess I've just been getting like this lately. =( My whole life is changing, once again, and it seems like its happening why too fast. Not sure if I can take it. But I know I will, I have to. Serg is getting married to his girlfriend of 6 years... I have yet to sit down with him to actually ask him if he is really happy with his decision in life. Though he has lots of stress from work and that's probably why a lot of times I don't see him how he used to be. Me... well, I've got a bundle of joy in the oven and going to be moving to North Dakota with my angel Kat. She moved here for me... things didn't turn out for the better... well things between us both are great... its just the living conditions. People should just get into the present time... stop thinking that your still living in the old country... and just let others do what they need to... and if its the wrong choice in their lives... then hey... they fucked up and they if they're lucky they can start on lets say.... plan b?

I've got so much stuff to do... need to finish working on the mural at gamezoneri... I said to myself a few days about that I'm probably not going to be able to finish it before I leave....and it seems tonight that that is probably what is going to happen. Need to get everything packed for the move. Need money... ah yes... I think this is what has probably been kicking me everyday making that pain a little bit more than the previous day. I just hope that everything goes well... if not for me for my wonderful girls.

so, the shirts weren't in by today. so blah, gotta runn out there tomorrow sometime before we go to wrights farm... mmmm... =] still waiting on Paul to get by gamezone so that I can do that lable thing for him. Kyle is suppost to stop by tomorrow so that he could pay more of what he owes me =\

Kyle's dad was suppose to stop by once again tonight... but no dice on that once again. So, we moved the meeting to Monday. Serg was gonna stop by to grab the Server we got at GZ, he was just busy with his wedding stuff I guess. blah. Dave from BJR still no payment from him. Not good not cool.

Me and Kat went over to the Royal Panda for food today... meh... nothing close to East Buffet in EP. plus there's no refills on drinks... and the cups are like small, for $2 per glass. WTF. what a rip. After we ate we went back to GameZone and played a lil Halo 3 with everyone. we're still rusty. I'm starting to get it back... Kat just doesn't like the battle riffles... I myself agree... but that's like the best way to kill others on the game. =\

Oh, I finished reading the second book by David Peltzer ""the Lost Boy" the book after "A child called It". True story about his life... still need to read the third book in that series basically his like after being 18. Not sure which book to read next... got this new SUperman book I bought a few weeks ago, but I also grabbed my old books that were on the family book shelf here. Some old favorites of mine, they're young adult books but I like them. =]

Oh yeah... Hope you like the new blogger look to my site... found it easier to blog my shit on here. Plus... you can comment on what I write!
So, Ron's mom is doing better... but still staying at the hospital til at least Saturday. I was gonna go up to get my tux for Serg's wedding... though they didn't have some of the shirts or whatnot for some people... and I guess mine was one of them. So, that was basically a waste of time.
Yesterday, Ron's mom had a couuple of heart attacks *sad face*. But she made it through them and the last that I've known of what happend she was stable but was still in ICU. Ron, went back to Fall River today to go be with her and stuff

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thu, Oct. 2nd 2008 10:00am

Ok... This week has been fucken insaine... on Tuesday... my dad woke my ass up to go to the DMV with him to get my car transfered to my name cuz it's been under his the whole time. Ok... fine, he said that all we neede to do is go there.. cuz everything was all set up and we just need to sign something and we would be done... ERRRRR NO! This crazy Psycho Bitch of a lady that was working there that day was so fucken rude... she wouldn't even let us use the pen that she had right next to her. >.<

So, then I and my dad went down to the Insurance place and got me my own insurance plan under my name and stuff. Yadda Yadda Yadda. So, after like 1 to 2 hours (cuz the agent girl that attended us was on the phone for like ever and my dad switched his Insurance plan too). So, then we went back to the DMV, talked to this other guy not the same evil biotch. Then i had another 30 minutes or more waiting for my number to come up. My dad had to go meet we a client that he had to cook food for, yadda yadda yadda. So, he wrote me a blank check just incase the number got called up and i could just make it out to them and finish this mess. Okay, my number came up and my dad wasn't there yet, *Sad Face*. Got to the window, blah blah blah, then the lady was like you need a letter saying that this was a gift... (WHAAAATTT!!), oh btw this lady was actually nice... I just really think the other one was having a bad case of PMS or some shit like that. Soooo... Longer story short... My dad got back told him needed a letter, so we went back to gamezone made a letter went back to DMV went right up to a rep lady and got everything all switched... FINALLY! >.<

So, that was my Tuesday, sheesh. Then, at some point after that Kat and I went over to Serg's stayed there for a while. Then, we left and went shopping, and then brought the stuff home. And then, later that night serg stopped by at night. We then went to Dairy Queen cuz we were starving. So, I called everyone for the bachelor party then. And, then we just called it a night.

Then Wednesday the friggen electric post outside gamezone went stoopid and detached itself from the poll. >.<

So, yeah thats basically been my week so far... hopefully the rest of the week would be better... please? anyone?


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