Friday, May 22, 2009

Beef Stew mmmm =)

Been waiting for this receipe

Beef Stew

chopped onions
olive oil
1 goya sazon pack
2 knorr boulion cubes
garlic powder

turn heat on 7.5 for a couple minutes
then add beef (beef for stew) about 1 lb
add chourico or linguica
add 1 1/2 cups of water
turn heat to 8.5 till boiling, then turn to 6
after boiling (about 7 minutes) taste if seasoning is good
peel (about 4) potatoes and chop add to pot after another 3 minutes.
turn heat up to 8.
after about 4 minutes turn heat down to 5.5, and stir every minute.
about 10 minutes after, when potatoes are done
add a handfull of elbow macaroni
then add cut green beans (14.5oz can) (no water)
and add sliced carrots (small can 6.5 oz)
turn heat to 6 till boiling, stir well
after boiling (about 4 minutes) turn to 5.
let boil for a little bit. stir a little after a minute.
after about 2 minutes, turn heat off and cover pot.
let sit for few minutes til macaroni is done.

Chicken Stew
for chicken stew add chicken breast and potatoes at the same time.

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