Thursday, May 14, 2009

oh fun...

Yesterday was a busy day for me. Talked to my folks for a while, while
they watched Marissa live on bluefire tv =]. then I went for a walk to
get my new contacts. On the way I stopped by the Post office to see if
they had any 2 cent stamps... nope... so I made a request to get the
free weekly paper with the store ads in it. Then stopped by the eyecare
place, got my contacts. Then went across the street to Morgan Printing,
and got me an application. Also, had me a mini interview, =D. then went
to make some more copies of keys. Went home watched a few movies. tried
to goto the new subway... but the place was packed, drive thru and all.

Baah. Now I'm at work where I actually got here 15 minutes early =D.
Till later... c ya!

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