Monday, September 29, 2008

Mon, Sept. 29th 2008 12:30pm

Well... I'd like to officially introduce's Version 2.0. I think it's got a better look to it. At least it's got a more professional look to it. Don't like it? Tough! lol at least email me and tell me what you don't like about it, Email's at the top. But hey... it's got POWERBALL numbers to it! lol I mean come on.. it's powerball! :) Also, I'm adding a few more things to it. Like the Movie Review Page, Added Powerball numbers (I think I just said that) RedBox Weekly Monday Code, and I've moved the Web Design stuff to it's own Page... hmm Don't think I've gotten to that just yet.. but *shrugs*

In Other News...

Ah... A long... crappy... weekend =(. Sucked really bad for GameZone not really much people showed up. Too much rain this weekend I guess... But I have reason to believe that there must have been a ton of weddings yesterday... cuz that's where a lot of ppl that I know went to... and their not all related nor do they know each other.. so all sepperate weddings? lol i dunno. I haven't dun much to the wall at GameZone wince last week... I really want to work on it Saturday, but... no dice on that idea.

Went yesterday to Dave's house to fix up his computer. SHeesh.. that's all i got to say... waited a while for it to proccess the stuff I was doing, so we went to go play some Foosball. hehehe... I guess I still have it in me, won 2 games to 0. Dave had a huge lead on me at the begining which got me thinking that I was gonna lose... but naaa.. after it being 6 to 1... I came back with a vengence and won it 10-9. The second game I think I won it 10-7. I'm suppose to go with him today to the dump, to get rid of the 2 couches that he kindly picked up from the side of GameZone Saturday Morning, but I dunno if that's gonna happen today. Sorry Dave =\

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