Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thu, Oct. 2nd 2008 10:00am

Ok... This week has been fucken insaine... on Tuesday... my dad woke my ass up to go to the DMV with him to get my car transfered to my name cuz it's been under his the whole time. Ok... fine, he said that all we neede to do is go there.. cuz everything was all set up and we just need to sign something and we would be done... ERRRRR NO! This crazy Psycho Bitch of a lady that was working there that day was so fucken rude... she wouldn't even let us use the pen that she had right next to her. >.<

So, then I and my dad went down to the Insurance place and got me my own insurance plan under my name and stuff. Yadda Yadda Yadda. So, after like 1 to 2 hours (cuz the agent girl that attended us was on the phone for like ever and my dad switched his Insurance plan too). So, then we went back to the DMV, talked to this other guy not the same evil biotch. Then i had another 30 minutes or more waiting for my number to come up. My dad had to go meet we a client that he had to cook food for, yadda yadda yadda. So, he wrote me a blank check just incase the number got called up and i could just make it out to them and finish this mess. Okay, my number came up and my dad wasn't there yet, *Sad Face*. Got to the window, blah blah blah, then the lady was like you need a letter saying that this was a gift... (WHAAAATTT!!), oh btw this lady was actually nice... I just really think the other one was having a bad case of PMS or some shit like that. Soooo... Longer story short... My dad got back told him needed a letter, so we went back to gamezone made a letter went back to DMV went right up to a rep lady and got everything all switched... FINALLY! >.<

So, that was my Tuesday, sheesh. Then, at some point after that Kat and I went over to Serg's stayed there for a while. Then, we left and went shopping, and then brought the stuff home. And then, later that night serg stopped by at night. We then went to Dairy Queen cuz we were starving. So, I called everyone for the bachelor party then. And, then we just called it a night.

Then Wednesday the friggen electric post outside gamezone went stoopid and detached itself from the poll. >.<

So, yeah thats basically been my week so far... hopefully the rest of the week would be better... please? anyone?

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