Sunday, December 21, 2008

bah bah black sheep?

well... yesterday we celebrated christmas at Kat's folk's house. Her
uncle his wife his two daughters, and jarred and amy, granma rose and
granpa frank, and robert were there too. it was fun... me kat and the
baby had a lot of presents =X

Today we went back to their house to do laundry and wish off her uncle
and family... but no one showd up this morning. we cleaned up the apt.
and watched some tv. I worked a lil on some web sites. then I played top
spin 3... Once again I don't really like that game =/ I was 1 and 13 in
the career mode... and I was playing it right. bah. well Its in the
mailbox waiting to go back to gamely.

Me and kat now are at bingo. I guess lindsay and roy were suppost to
come... but they haven't shown up yet. =P
ill see if I post after bingo on how we do.

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