Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weekend update! :D

SO, I finally had a nice Saturday off to relax and all.. the ironic thing was that it was 30 degrees outside and we didn't relise it till like 9 at night =[. Today I'm suppost to be helping Erin move into her new place... I seem to always be stuck helping someone move even though I hate moving myself. :( oh well.. I guess I'm just I helpfull guy.

Also, yesterday, played somemore Crash, that game is getting tricky lol but it's still really fun and still recomend it. I put up a review on my gamer site. I started working on the Bee website for Paul's new Company... Today I remembered another site that I wanted to help out with so that's gonna start in the works... I have not done anything to the actually site.. which I need to contact them but it'll be all charity work for that site... ain't I so nice?

oh.. p.s. lol We finally took down our christmas tree... blah lol

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