Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I hate some people

Today is my day off from work.. and Kat had a dental appointment... so I
went but waited in the waiting area. though I should have gone with her
=( I kept my self busy playing burnout on my psp and ms pacman on my

Then this lady and her son came in. Apparently this lady has been up for
over 24 hrs... how do I know... she just keeps blabbing all her info
infront of people she doesn't know. Then she started to fill out
paperwork for her son... I'm guessing he's never been here before? Then
she "babys" the kid now this kid looks like he's like 7 or 8... and
she's treating him like he's 4. well.. the way she treats her kid isn't
really my business... but in a public place don't baby him. Then, I
guess the tv volume was too loud, she asked to have it turned down....
to fill out the form... and then keeps saying out loud what the kid has
that he's allergic to penacillin and whatnot... I don't need to know
this. Then she asks her son, do you want to change the channel...
HELLO??? there are more people in the waiting area... and you're not at
home lady. other than that I really wanted to punch this lady in the
face. =)

And Kats been in there for a long time >.< over an hour and a half
already... =(

Ooo... and check out the new updates I added to this site... The funny
videos a humorous!! also added a radio station from good ol' Rhody, 92
pro fm. and I'll keep adding stuff. Kat's due to give birth any day
now... due date is actually on the 10th but hoping baby would want out
sooner... if not.. on the 11th at 7am she'll get induced... so if
anything on the 11th I'll be a daddy :D ta ta for now!

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