Friday, February 13, 2009

What I've been doing...

So, this week while me, kat and now baby marissa have been away from
home, I bought a few books and been reading one of them. First warcraft
book that I've read... and its not bad. I don't know if its cuz I've
never read one of these types of books before or what... but the book
seemed to have started off slow and kinda of boring. But at I look back
in my mind its pretty good and makes sense.

I bought another warcraft book as well... the second in the series, im
guessing. And also I bought one by Jenny McCarthy and the story about
her and her autistic son. been meaning to get one or a few of her books
and it was only $5 at the shop I went to.. so that was a bargain!

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wickedshamrock said...

Who needs to read when there's audio books.....pffft like, whoa