Sunday, August 1, 2010

who u r txting???

     About a half hour or so ago, I recieved this text message say, Hey... so I replied and said Sup? though I didn't know who I was replying back to. Then I asked who it was... because basically all the people that I know I usually have their number in my phone unless they had previously changed their number. And so the person said "Your favorite girl :)" so... I'l like hold up.. wtf is this... my favorite girl lives with me.. actually the two of them do... So I said ... "that doesn't help me much" then I was called a "playerrr". So, instinctaly I google the phone number... and confer that it was from Cumberland, RI. so, I'm like.. ok. So, I thought of ppl that would out of the blue txt me.. for no exact reason at all. I thought it was one person, because she's weird and random and stuff... but no it wasn't. Then, she told me her name and I was like HEY how've you been, or something like that. AT the point-in-time I thought that it was my old neighor that used to live next door to where I used to and where my parents still live. Then I'm like, "So how's the weather" "really goood & the weather is gorgeous. Aren't you in ri?" now I started to wonder, I thought that she knew that I wasn't in RI anymore.. but w/e. "Then I'm like "no... I'm living in North Dakota, like I have for the past 2 years." She then went on saying that I had said that the two of us were going to hang out tonight... and that I left out the part that I was in a different state. hmmmm.. lol ok. Then it got weirder... she had said that she had spoken to me about 4 hours earlier on facebook... which I don't even think I was on.. because I was either cleaning the house or trying to get to level 80 on World of Warcraft. and I don't have any memory of speaking to anyone in Rhode Island besides my mother around that time. She also said that she spoke with me last week too. Then I said.. "well.. I'll talk to you soon... I gotta get going got work in a bit" "Wait wait wait. Your in the army & you have ajob?" she asked... then I was like.. okay... I do not know this person.. but let me completely confirm it... so I asked her name was again.. and then she asked mine... suposidly her friend had tried to put his number into her cell phone.. and typed it in wrong, I mean... who does that? how could you type YOUR CELL NUMBER into someone elses phone wrong? idiots. Then that was that.

It made me laugh... hope you liked this story... now.. it's work time!!!!

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