Sunday, November 30, 2008

Good weekend

Well... I guess this weekend was pretty good. got the other dresser that
we needed to get from Kats Moms house. Friday Passed the post opp so I
can start orientation Tomorrow.

Think that sucks is that Kat's mom was admitted to the hospital down in
Grand Forks... We actually got out of there and are driving back home.

I got a lot done today too... Worked on my gamer profile site =D its the new bLuEfiRe's Domain. Updated the links
on this site... now they got pretty buttons. I still need to finish some
of them but eh.

I'm planning on getting a VGA cable for my 360... not sure if I should
get it from or just go to walmart and get one... its like $10
difference for the same thing. Or maybe just got with the 3rd party
cable.. but then I might get color bleeding and stuff. but that one is
only like 13 bucks... I don't know. Im gonna wait until I get my first
paycheck anyways.

Ah... well... that's it for now... I'll be sure to write about work

oh and jay cheer up >.< or imma have someone go to your house and wait
till you go for your car and they'll kick you in the butt >.> lol

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