Thursday, November 27, 2008

Life only gets better if you want it too...

I know that in this day and age... people might feel like shit and all.
People have jobs that they don't like... whether its because they are
under paid and over worked... their boss keeps on bitching at them... or
just seem that they don't like you.. but favorite other coworkers.
Well... get this... that's been the way people have always been.. just
becuz you're not the favorite one doesn't mean that you have to be all
upset about it... here's an Idea... get another job! and if you don't
like that one you get... then keep on switching... don't stay there for
year after year that's how you depress yourself. If you need the money
or health insurance... then your fucked... well.. not quite actually....
just call people and look up ways that you could get a cheap insurance.
maybe you're able to get the government to pay for it. There are a ton
of people that do it... fuck me and Kat do and you know what Im fine
with that... becuz honestly we don't have money to go around. so we
found ways to save some cash.... wasn't sure if we would get any help...
but hey look at that we did.

If you're depressed about your weight.. well as the job and financial
shit.. you're not alone. This whole country has gone the shit. companies
inject animals with hormones and all that in the long run cuz harm to
everyone that eat the meat of those animals. Obesity has gotten bad. and
the way that people have to live their lives to work one or more jobs...
sometimes people don't have time to eat right... or even work out.
Instead of eatting one big ass meal a day... eat 3-4 a day... have a
healthy snack between meals... you'll feel more energized and all.
Studies show that if you eat a big meal all at once you'll feel tired
and have no energy right after. You can eat the same amount of food you
still do.. just spread it out throughout the day. It does suck if you
job doesn't let you eat a snack or two.. well Im sorry... refer to the
paragraph before this one??

All im saying is you have one life don't live it a way you don't like
to... a way that makes you depressed... find a way to live it that makes
you happy. don't look at anyone else and try to compete to be the first
to get a boyfriend or a girlfriend. It takes time. unless you're just in
for a quick fuck or something. Which probably won't help your self
esteem any either. Don't listen to anyone but yourself... fuck don't
even listen to me.. Im just writing this to express my feelings and
thoughts on this whole matter. Each person has to find their own way to
live... but don't live it stuck under a rock.... socialize. don't play
games by yourself... play them with others... don't go to the movies,
bar, .... well you get the point... be social make new friends. If some
of your friends don't make you happy... hey then ask yourself are they
really your friends? Im not innocent in the friendship thing... I've
done some shitty things... and well a lot of them I regret.
You do what you want. Don't listen to what I just wrote. But if you do
than that's dandy. thing is.. be yourself... don't be others. If you
don't know what's wrong with yourself... then ask your real true
friends. If you don't feel confertable talking to a friend... well go
see a shrink. If by any chance you already do... you're wasting your
money and him or her and go find a new one. You don't have to live life
just one way... there are a billion alternatives. Try something new or

And damn it leave me a comment =P
Cheers! And Happy Thanksgiving =D

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