Saturday, November 15, 2008

my lovely weekend...

so.. lets see how my weekend is going... so far anyway. Friday morning I
got up and ready to go do post-opp stuff for my new job at the
developmental center. things were going great till they had to read my
blood pressure for when I did like physical stuff....

So.. I guess I have high blood pressure. =( which really made my life a
whole lot suckier so... I managed to bring it down a lil bit so that I
could continue the post-opp stuff... but I had to do some physical stuff
and it was like a few points too high =/

so... I can't start monday for orientation... have to wait til dec 1st.
so this really sucks.. I need to go back monday to check on the tb shot
they gave me.

then I went home depressed and all cuz was really counting on the job
cuz I would be working for the state and would get like full benefits
which I apperently need.

later that day... me and kat went to get an apartment.. which kinda is
nice and good for the price. they even pay the heat =)

we basically didn't do much more on friday.

today... saturday... well.. we've been moving stuff from kats parents'
house to our apartment. hehe Shady Manor =) Me and kat are dead tired.
feet throbbing... and we both need to take it easy.

well... right now we're at pizza hut.. place is packed. then its off the
OUR home =) ahh.. home sweet home.

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