Thursday, November 20, 2008

What I've been up to... today..

Well... I've done a lot of nothing for most of the day... one be reason
is because I must have pulled a muscle in my back yesterday and its been
painful since yesterday til now. Its actually doing a lil better now
than yesterday... but it still hurts. also feels like I've got no
support while standing up.

but... other than that... this was my day. Got up around 9:30ish...
washed up.. ate a bowl of wheaties... then washed yesterdays dishes.. I
don't know how just me and Kat dirty so many dishes everyday. but oh

then I basically unloaded a box full of our stuff on the living room
floor and started to put everything away. actually rearranged the
bookshelves and now they look great =)

I then through in Resident Evil Apocolypst Now and watched it. then I
must of just watched some tv. and then went to wake up Kat so that she
could eat. We then played some Guitar Hero: Aerosmith. Kat got tired
then went back to bed. I continued playing =P and beat it on Medium...
yayaya... but then I started playing it on expert. Trying to get as much
achievement points as I can before I send it back =)

Then I made me some food... a cup of Cup Noodles and a sandwich from
last nights left overs =)

now Im back on the couch watched the news... and thinking of reading the
3rd book of the series which start with... 'a child called 'it'' then
"the lost boy" and the 3rd book "A man named dave" I like the series...
and when I first was looking for it... people said that it was a great
book... and it is!

Its about the true story of how this guy david grew up. and how
mistreated he was by his mother and family. Pick up a copy or go to the
library and read the series. I'll show what a lot of us have for

TaTa for now!

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