Wednesday, November 19, 2008

so... monday morning I went to get my manatoo (I don't know how to spell
it lol) shot read at the developmental center... was good. then few
hours later I had an appointment to go to the clinic so I could see a
doctor to take care of my high blood pressure. she said it wasn't that
bad.. but its still not good cuz of my age... then she gave me a bunch
of pills.... and well.. as of this morning my blood pressure is really
better after only three times of taking the meds.

also.. I've been really working hard to change how I eat.. well I've
been trying to do so for a while... but now that I've got a place of my
own... I think its gonna be easier to make foods that are actually good
for me. I've been eatting my wheaties again =) and this morning I saw
that Sweet Potatoes... not yams are great source of fiber, vitamins and
other good stuff that should help me out. So, im probably gonna be going
to Wally's to get some =).

we gotta finish grabbing all the stuff from kats parents house that we
still got there... we went there this morning like at 7am to grab a
load. started on our laundry too. which I gotta go back and switch the
loads >.<

oh... and yes we did get a bed on monday afternoon. its so comfy... and
its like new we only had to pay like $20 which included a dresser.

right now I've been resting cuz my back is in pain =( but in about 10
minutes gonna get going and grab the rest of the stuff we grabbed this
morning and bring it up... then either put it away or go to her moms and
do the rest of the laundry. and maybe I'll bring my 360 over there to
upgrade it. Later!

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