Monday, November 24, 2008

Long Day...

so.. yeah... today has been a great day.. it started really early when
KiKi didn't want to sleep and kept me and Kat up mostly all night long.
She kept trying to open the apartment door to get out... then she just
kept meowing like she was singing... aaagh. it was like one bad night.

we ended up getting up at 8:30a so that we could leave to go to grand
forks... to go shopping and doc appointment for Kat. I at first didn't
think I was gonna come in the morning cuz of the Kiki night.

so.. we went to walmart... returned the hdtv antenna that we could only
get 1 channel off of >.< and truelly for that channel we can still get
it without any antenna =P

after shopping for nessasaties (I can't spell... ) and Christmas
presents and stuff... the bill was like $305 O_o!!!!! fuucck. last week
we spent $200 and something. thank God for credit =)

then we left and went to fill up the gas tank.... holy shit!!! the
prices are back down to what they were in like 2001!!! I think it was
1.71 or something. it was like cold out and the pump was pumping wicked
slow =(

After that... we went over to CVS so we could refill on her meds. they
had this massaging chair there which they've actually had since last
year...mmm fixed my back. then I went to go take my blood pressure
reading there... and it was nice and regular. Well... then... we got her
meds... but where were the keys? we looked around everywhere... then we
went to the car... and there they were smack down in the middle lol.

I called AAA... and after about 10 to 15 minutes on the phone they sent
someone. Luckily, the service guy was in the same parking lot... took
him like another 10-15 minutes to pick the lock.

Then we went to Kat's doc appointment... which took totally like 10
minutes. After that we went over to Dairy Queen were we got me an Oreo
Blizzard Birthday Cake... mmmmmmm then a quick stop at Petco to get
something for KiKi =D then we drove back home.

Made a quick stop at her moms to pick up our clothes.... I almost set
off the house alarm cuz I kept hitting the wrong button lol... oops.
so.. I grabbed the clothes and got back into the car... and went home.

Then lugged all the stuff upstairs. then Kat went to bed cuz she works
tonight... and I put all the stuff away. It was a ton of stuff...

after all that work I played some Champ Ed. Pacman to get kat some
achievement points =P. Well.. I think that's all for tonight.... I hope
KiKi doesn't decide to act up all night tonight... that would totally
suck =(

Well... I hope tomorrow will be a great day! =)
Ta Ta For Now!

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