Thursday, October 9, 2008

so, the shirts weren't in by today. so blah, gotta runn out there tomorrow sometime before we go to wrights farm... mmmm... =] still waiting on Paul to get by gamezone so that I can do that lable thing for him. Kyle is suppost to stop by tomorrow so that he could pay more of what he owes me =\

Kyle's dad was suppose to stop by once again tonight... but no dice on that once again. So, we moved the meeting to Monday. Serg was gonna stop by to grab the Server we got at GZ, he was just busy with his wedding stuff I guess. blah. Dave from BJR still no payment from him. Not good not cool.

Me and Kat went over to the Royal Panda for food today... meh... nothing close to East Buffet in EP. plus there's no refills on drinks... and the cups are like small, for $2 per glass. WTF. what a rip. After we ate we went back to GameZone and played a lil Halo 3 with everyone. we're still rusty. I'm starting to get it back... Kat just doesn't like the battle riffles... I myself agree... but that's like the best way to kill others on the game. =\

Oh, I finished reading the second book by David Peltzer ""the Lost Boy" the book after "A child called It". True story about his life... still need to read the third book in that series basically his like after being 18. Not sure which book to read next... got this new SUperman book I bought a few weeks ago, but I also grabbed my old books that were on the family book shelf here. Some old favorites of mine, they're young adult books but I like them. =]

Oh yeah... Hope you like the new blogger look to my site... found it easier to blog my shit on here. Plus... you can comment on what I write!

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