Thursday, October 9, 2008

Oct 9th 10:30pm - as I think to myself... anyone listening?

=/ Im upset.... not sure why... I guess I've just been getting like this lately. =( My whole life is changing, once again, and it seems like its happening why too fast. Not sure if I can take it. But I know I will, I have to. Serg is getting married to his girlfriend of 6 years... I have yet to sit down with him to actually ask him if he is really happy with his decision in life. Though he has lots of stress from work and that's probably why a lot of times I don't see him how he used to be. Me... well, I've got a bundle of joy in the oven and going to be moving to North Dakota with my angel Kat. She moved here for me... things didn't turn out for the better... well things between us both are great... its just the living conditions. People should just get into the present time... stop thinking that your still living in the old country... and just let others do what they need to... and if its the wrong choice in their lives... then hey... they fucked up and they if they're lucky they can start on lets say.... plan b?

I've got so much stuff to do... need to finish working on the mural at gamezoneri... I said to myself a few days about that I'm probably not going to be able to finish it before I leave....and it seems tonight that that is probably what is going to happen. Need to get everything packed for the move. Need money... ah yes... I think this is what has probably been kicking me everyday making that pain a little bit more than the previous day. I just hope that everything goes well... if not for me for my wonderful girls.

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