Saturday, October 18, 2008

taking a lil break in Dalton, MN... Milo needs a power nap =) I posted
a few photos from St Paul and Minnieappolis didn't specify which was
which =P hope the photos say something on them.

we've got about 3 and a half hours to go til we finish our road trip.
that's 189 more miles for those of you keeping track.

Hopefully I remember and take a photo of my cars mileage... gonna hit
all 6's... 66,666 =) Damn check engine light is still on.. boo... I
gotta fix that. Need to buy a new antenna for my car... the original is
all busted =( I'll probably take a pic later.

Well... that's all for now... leave a comment if you want to... right
click and open in a new tab or window... I haven't fixxeded that on my
site =P Cya.

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