Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Fight For KiKi

So... yesterday we get back to Grafton... with 122.5 miles from Fargo.
Unloaded most of the stuff in my car. and the 2 suit cases that were in
Kats car. Kat's grandparents showed up. We ate some Lasagnia mmmm.

then it was time for Kiki to meet... Babes. Babes was Kat's first cat.
we had actually gone in to see her earlier and she wasn't the same cat
that I remembered... she was a lot calmer... I even got to hold her...
which was a first. We later brought Kiki to the garage that babes had
been in and Kiki just hissed first at babes... then babes went at it...

Kat says it might be because kiki remembers babes trying to ripp her
head off? and now they just don't get along. I donno. All I do know is
that I don't want her to go back to the farm... for one she would get
pregnant. and two.. well she's turned into a indoor cat.

She slept in the room with us last night.. being really good. Didn't
break anything nor nothing. But lets see what happens...

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