Monday, October 20, 2008

Well... so far so good for miss kiki... though here's one problem from
yesterday and throughout the night... she basically slept throughout the
day yesterday... only to get up to eat pee and poop. so, while me and
kat have been trying to snooze... lil miss kiki has been up and about in
the room.

before we went to sleep we watched a movie... and somehow towards the
end of it.. she went for a stroll throughout the house... we thought she
went in kat's mom's room... she wasn't there.. but might have been there
at some point cuz the door was opened just enough for her to fit through
it. but she wasn't there... we ended up finding her downstairs in the
basement near the computers. so we brought her back into the room.

then I grabbed a dvd about cookie and played it on the tv. she watched
for a good 10 to 15 minutes. then she tryed to get out of the room
again.. I was like... fuck it... go. so I let her go downstairs and look
around. when she finished up... I grabbed her and brought her back to
the room. she didn't even let out one peep.

till next time...

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